Perfectly Salty
Perfectly Salty Journals

Someone said, "One life is all we get." If that is true, then my publishing my journals here is the best choice I can make. The last twenty years of my life have been so awful that there is nothing they could ever do to make it up to me.

The psychological torment, abuse, and isolation have been so awful that until they agree to never ever do this to another as long as the human race lives; there can be no other solution to these problems. They have to make the guarantee and make good on it, this will never happen to anyone else like me ever again.

What I have had to endure is simply too awful. The scale of the wrong that has been done is so awful, that they could never make it right.

Of note here, its not so awful that I will not feel bad about forcing them to live my life. They have that coming. There must be justice for the wrongs done to me and my kind. The treatment I have been shown will be done to them when they have to live my life.

These journals make up a lot of the time I have spent the last five years. They contain my raw thoughts, as I was thinking them. These journals were written for myself, and myself alone; I am however going to share them, in the hopes that some may benefit from them.

They are not always nice, nor kind. And really that is a problem with this project. I want a world that is kinder, and better. Going to work to change some of this stuff.

I've spent a lot of time working on these, I hope you will find them interesting, or at least thought provoking enough to listen to my point of view.

Maybe the world can be a better place someday. It is sad, that I have had to take such measures to try to change the world we live in. I really do want a better world to live in. The problems simply have to be solved.

Much can still be done to make life better. All it really takes is for people to start to care again, which isn't too much to ask for.

Read these at your own risk. May not be very pc, but it is what I was thinking when I sat down to write in my journals. These are very raw thoughts, and have only been edited at a bare minimum to be able to show them to you.

I have been very unhappy, as you will see. I want life to get a lot better for everyone. These problems shouldn't have happened in the first place. Pity.

These Journals are salty, they may however not be salted to your current taste buds. Isn't that the whole point, that you have to endure some level of discomfort to reach new understanding?

My salty journals have a little bit of everything. Read at your own risk.

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This is a disclaimer: use at your own risk.

Information provided as is. Be Kind to others.

The world needs to be a kinder place. Be kind.

These were my thoughts, nothing more than that.

Be kind physically do NO violence, respect others in life.